How to Win 25 words or less Travel Competitions Free Stuff Cheat Sheet

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How many times have you sat at a computer looking 25words or less competition box and the only thoughts ticking away are what do I do now?

Everyone loves something for free even better one of the best travel hacks is to win an all expenses paid a trip to some world class travel destination. Working in media for over 16 years I saw a lot of great entries from full blown artwork oil painting to a weird paper mache sculpture mostly the entries that won 25 words or less competitions were poems or songs and mainly funny or kids doing very cute quick videos.

I have some quick competition guide tips that can get you going most people who win these competitions enter 100’s of times a month through various outlets they are pro’s at what they do setting up multiple emails and entering through all family names they know what they are doing so the competition is stiff. 25 words or less is a real travel hack this system the advertising industry has a name for multiple entry’s and multiple winners they are called “prize pigs”.

So if you are still interested in getting the tips I have listed the following for you.

  1. The answer – read the brief properly and write down the question on a piece of paper then answer the question three to five times.
  2. Humor – Use the above answers and rewrite again turn the answer into a poem or joke it has been my experience that humor a poem or song wins the most. Get your creative juices flowing you have to stand out and impress the judges try and include the product name or service and think outside the square.
  3. Keep to 25 words or less – Really don’t go over you may come across a rarely particular person running the travel competition that will count all the words and disqualify you for more than 25 words.
  4. Let the Judges know your intentions– Honestly could be the best policy if you really need that trip away from your in-laws or boss maybe it is freezing and you would like to go away to Fiji or Hawaii let the judges know but make the answers entertaining.
  5. Enter lots of competitions – The more competitions the better the people who win multiple trips over a lifetime are entering 100’s of competitions a month and have made a real art of the process they have really mastered the art of writing 25 words or less.

A lot of hard work and maybe no reward good luck !!!

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