Airport Master Travel Hack

Master Travel Hack

Have the following master travel hack list ready on your next flight

Getting through the airport can be a tricky these days, so just showing up and hoping for the best won’t cut it. To help you pull it off, I have listed these airport travel hack guide to help you slip from the parking garage to your gate with as little trouble as possible at every step along the way.

Get Cheaper Parking Before You Head to the Airport to Save Money

A little bit of research about airport parking lots might be the difference between paying big money per day at an international airport and less than one-third of a standard  rate via discount airport parking websites designed to help you discover better rates.

Use the Family Room in the Club Lounges to Watch TV and Use Wi-Fi

If you’re a frequent traveler with children who likes to arrive at airports early, the family rooms within lounges like the United Club lounge can be worth their weight in gold. Not only can Mom and Dad grab a glass of wine and help the whole family to fruit, hot chocolate, and other snacks, they can take those goodies back to a private family room that includes a TV, DVDs, Wi-Fi and more. It can make a big difference in calming down the clan prior to a long flight.

Find the Best Seats on the Plane Before You Buy to Have a Better Flight

If you love legroom or sitting near a power outlet – yes, some planes have them and USB ports – use a site like Seat Guru to pick out your best spots before you book your flight.

This is my no. 1 key master travel hack most good airlines no let you pre book and change seats.

Move All Contents from Your Pockets to Your Carry-On Before Security to Prevent Delays

Instead of fumbling around with loose change, jewelry and belts, place all those items in your carry-on or purse prior to going through the security checkpoint to have fewer items that may cause the line to pause. have your laptop phone and other electronic carry on items out and ready saves so much time.

Check your credit cards for perks and for travel Bonus

You might already be entitled to perks without knowing it. From covering your insurance when renting a car to hotel room upgrades and access to airline lounges, As many credit cards you may already have come with special advantages and freebies.

Get food faster by ordering a special meal

Order a special meal while pre planning and probably not-so-regrettably forgoing the meal everyone else is getting, but by requesting a special meal (kosher or vegetarian, for example) you will usually get served before everyone else, and can go to sleep sooner, without waiting for the full dinner service.

First Class Up Grade – master travel hack

Most would feel silly asking for a first class upgrade not if you get it, just ask. Depends on how you ask, who, and when.  If you ask the airline representatives at the check-in counter, you will likely have to pay for your first class ticket. Check in operators specialize in making and changing reservations.  If you want a free upgrade to first class wait until you are inside airport security.

Happy travels


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