Are You Thinking of Touring Sydney Australia?

Touring Sydney Australia

When examining a list of attractions for Touring Sydney Australia, it’s only natural to think, “I just want to do everything!” But to narrow it down a little bit, Sydney Australia is a destination that won’t disappoint!

If you’re pressed for time, the Australian tourism industry recommends catching the Manly Ferry, taking a harbor cruise, riding the Shelly Ferry, visiting Shell Beach and touring Manly Beach. Many travelers point to the Sydney Opera House as a highlight of their trip as well.

When you come to Sydney Australia, you’ll obviously want to get the most optimal view of the towering buildings, the world-famous Harbour Bridge and the architecturally intriguing Opera House. At Circular Quay, you can travel thirty minutes from the Sydney Harbour to Manly via ferry, where you’ll get the best view of these landmarks.

When you arrive in Manly, you may want to eat some delicious grub at the brand new Manly Wharf Pub. A more traditional, narrated tour is the Sydney Harbour Cruise, which can tell you a little bit about waterfront mansions, Australian history and the city’s multitudinous cultural offerings.

You’ll get the same view as the ferry, but you’ll have a longer ride and more commentary. “Coffee cruises” have become very popular, offering fresh espresso, teas, gourmet biscuits, muffins and Lamingtons, which is an Aussie favorite. Or you can go on the half-day Sydney Harbour sail aboard “Katrina,” a luxury yacht, which will take you to hideaway beaches and bays.

Touring Sydney Australia activities 

The Sydney Harbour Bridge Cruise will quickly take you beneath the bridge and narrate a little about this landmark, specifically. You’ll stop in the Darling Harbour, where theatres, aquariums and museums await.

For all you land-lubbers, there’s a nice walk from the Manly Ferry Terminal to Shelly Beach. You’ll pass pubs, cafes, shops and restaurants, although, the particularly keen may even spot a Manly penguin or breaching Humpback Whale!

You can take a tour of Manly Beach or get a terrific view of the Sydney Harbour from the North Fort lookout. With the city, the AMP Centrepoint Tower, a 1,000-foot-high Australian national monument, will give you a bird’s eye view of Sydney’s cityscape.

Sports are more than just entertainment in Sydney Australia: it’s an important part of culture and a celebration of the Australians’ pride. It is an important part of the culture.

Rugby is by far the most popular sport but you can also see a horse race at Randwick Race Course, an Australian Football League game (cheer for the Sydney Swans!), On Boxing day the start of the “Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race”is a great event.

Where to Stay when Touring Sydney Australia 

When you first arrive in Sydney Australia You can visit the Sydney Visitor Centre in The Rocks. For hotel booking and maximizing your rewards points try this site


Location at the corner of Argyle & Playfair Streets or the Sydney Visitor Center at 33 Wheat Road in Darling Harbour between 9:30 am and 5:30 pm to get maps and attraction information.

Top 5 Sydney Destinations and attractions 

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk

Blue Mountains

Manly and Bondi Beach

Darling Harbor and Barangaroo ( Great Hotels at this location) 

Happy Traveling Josh –


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