Using Agoda PointsMax what you need to know

Using Agoda PointsMax

Using-Agoda-PointsMaxAgoda has released a new rewards system using Agoda PointsMAX and you can now earn extra miles when you book hotels on There are total 8 miles partners you can choose including American Airline AAdvnatages, Delta Air Lines SkyMiles and more.

Selecting a Hotel

When making this booking try to maximise the total value of the experience. Finding a fair price, for points where you can get them, and a confident checkout experience. Like other hotel loyalty programs, they seem to offer these benefits even when you book through an online travel agent such as Agoda.

Please note that if you want to earn miles, make sure you have select your program on the top drop down box. Smarter Hotel Booking

After that you could check the room rate and it might display how many miles you will earn.

Using Agoda PointsMax the System

Using Agoda I could choose to stock up on other flyer miles, or one of many frequent flyer programs, as part of a booking.

This is the full list of partners Agoda has brought into PointsMax, accessible through the top PointsMax menu:


Using Agoda PointsMAX Tips and Tricks:

The advantage of using Agoda is that its already has a large number of properties in the worldwide so you are going to have a good amount of choice.  In addition any points you earn through PointsMAX can be stacked with those that you earn through your credit card so pick the right one and you could be earning so very cheap miles.

For me, it’s a so simple and easy to go ahead and add my frequent flier information and have it on file for future bookings. I think it’s worthwhile to learn how to make the most of this, but I’m sure if you’re anything like me, you have 100 things on your to-do list. I’ve always said keeping track of miles seems difficult, so it’s great when things like this come along to make getting points that much easier.

Happy Travelling Josh

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