Louvre Secret Entrance Spend Less Time in the Que

Louvre Secret Entrance

Louvre Secret Entrance in most cases, it’s not even really a secret, it’s information available on the Louvre website, Because using this little bit of information could save you valuable time.Like a VIP when you walk into one of the world’s largest museums and find yourself inside within minutes instead of photobombing tourists for three hours in line.

Just lines to get into the Louvre can ruin the Museum experience, that is why the Porte des Lions is so helpful.The main entrance into the Louvre is located at the giant glass pyramid, however there are several other ways to enter.

The best entrance into the Louvre is the Porte des Lions entrance.  From this entrance you can buy your tickets, enter into the museum and have the shortest route to the Italian Renaissance painting section.  This door always has the shortest line too.

Louvre Secret Entrance where is it?

Porte des Lions
Porte des Lions

The Porte des Lions is in the SouthWestern wing of the Louvre just before the Jardin des Tuileries.

Near the back of Pyramid and facing the Arc de Triomphe du Carousel across the street, under the Arch turn to your left.  Go to the across the grass and follow the Louvre wall almost to the far end of the louvre.  Look for the arched doorway with the lioness statues flanking it.

Skip the line louvre – Le Carrousel Du Lourve

Lourve secret entrance located off the  off the Rue de Rivoli another entrance located by going down the external stairs to either side of the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel. Best opening times Wednesday and Friday evenings, when the museum is open until 10 PM (reduced admission after 6 PM).

Passage Richelieu Secret Louvre Entrance

louvre-entrancesAll you actually need to do is pre-purchase a ticket at any FNAC store in Paris, or buy a museum pass at another non-busy Paris museum. standing at the Pyramid then all you need to do is head north towards Rue de Rivoli (same street that the Le Carrousel du Louvre Mall is on). The only difference is that the Richelieu section runs parallel with the Pyramid and is in the wing of the building.

Best Travel Advice enter with a pre-paid ticket.

Happy Travels Josh – Travelhackerpro.com

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