Travel hacks What is Travel Hacking how do you do it?

Travel Hacks

What is travel hacking exactly? Travel Hacking the art of the travel hacks getting cheap flights, hotel accommodation, and car rental this is mainly done by gaining flyer miles or points through various credit cards and promotions.What are the experts doing how are they creating a lifestyle at your by expense flipping affiliate credit cards.

Is it possible to get free flights by just renewing your credit cards – paying off in full and meeting minimum spend. I have done it and can show you how to as well. I wont try and sell you any credit cards as i have no affiliation with credit card companies.

Travel Hacks 101 Getting Free Flights

Travel hacking has come a long way no more is travel hacking just signing up for credit cards and booking flights then accommodation with your travel points you have earned that’s just the basics now you have discovered this site and the solutions travel hacking has is evolving you can follow us and evolve with it.

Some quick tips to get you started and this is just the beginning.

The 3 levels of travel hacking – Travel Hacks

  • The Basics of Travel Hacking how to select the best credit cards book flights and hotels for nearly or almost free.
  • Intermediate how to find upgrades and obtain Elite status also just make life easier more luxurious when traveling
  • PRO insiders guide on how the pro’s hardly pay anything for travel “EVER”and get Paid to tell you how to do it.

The basics How to Get Free Flights or near free flights- level 1

Try this travel hack loophole discovered on how to get free travel domestic and international people using this system have used this ebook to book international travel for $20 to $90 dollars.

click her get the info on award stacking.

Getting free flights is easy if you know how first thing is a credit card with a reward points system worth operating.Then turning over the credit card honoring minim spend limits and paying credit off in full ” time for a new card”.

Intermediate how to find upgrades and running a business through credit cards – Level 2 

At we cover the latest hacks on gaining Elite Status upgrades this is done by being loyal to your airline stacking up miles traveled.

Example a plumber i know pays for all his parts on an Amex platinum business card.The total bill is approximately $30,000 per month at 3 points for every dollar spent that’s 90,000 points available for flights he can use.

He also travels from Australia to the UK two to three times per year gaining extra flyer miles and Elite status he is always first in line for upgrades.Furthermore another intermediate travel hack is to work as a airline host , pilot or cabin crew on a cruise ship.

Travel Hacks – Going PRO how the insiders do it – level 3


Professional people that travel the world, Businesses definitely understand what consultants are.  U.S. businesses spent billions on consulting every year. small business consultants works with clients on strategy, planning and problem solving, Helping customers develop business skills and knowledge. Topics range from designing a business model and marketing plan, to defining what marketing techniques to use. You’ll might help clients learn how to plan and implement business strategy projects. A small business consultant gives advice, teaches skills, and brainstorms with the client to produce practical results and enhance strategic thinking.

Travel Blogging 

If you are a hottie that people would like to look and or really dynamic and charismatic Vlogging is the way to go probably one of the best ways to see the world and document what you see and do. Become a V Logger

Furthermore, travelers are always looking for ideas to visit when they arrive help them have a plan and the best experience possible competitive market but a lot of fun creating a travel blog start your own blog today .

Happy Travelling Josh

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