About Me

Hi my name is Josh

Living and working in Sydney my life totally revolves around the Hospitality and Hotel culture not only is this my work I also love being part of cafe culture, clubs, and Hotel’s urban society. I enjoy being exposed to many new trends, secret spots and must experience lunch locations and best of all I have made an art of travel hacking and getting what I want for free or a massive discount.  I have a deep love for food photography a travel I want to experience more and I am inviting you as well on my journey.

I am a father with a busy lifestyle needed a quick reference guide on cheap flights, hotels, and entertainment I have come up with this website not only to help myself but build a community of like-minded travelers and travel hackers.

http://www.travelhackerpro.com was the brainchild born from many Saturday morning quote from my wife what are we doing about our next holiday all while I was inventing a way I could get around spending thousands of dollars and avoiding the subject we are all good at using flyer miles and points that are the basics what I wanted to know is how I can get free or near free travel and still have a great experiences for myself and my family all while avoiding cues and waiting for transporting a big call I know I think we can do it or get close I have done it before and i can build on the experience and inform of my progress.

I am expecting you find this site helpful and informative I encourage and value comments please leave below I am also happy to take on suggestions of any reviews of great experiences you have had ideas or great creations please leave comments.

Happy Travelling

Josh – travelhackerpro.com

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