Starting a Travel Blog

Starting a travel blog – Quick Guide

Anyone can start a travel blog — but starting a travel blog is a much more involved task. It involves time, it involves investment, and it involves a LOT of work. (and Travel experience) 

Lots of people plan on starting a travel blog just to keep their family and friends updated on their travels. If that’s all you want, there’s nothing wrong with that! Go create a free blog.

BUT. If you want more people than just your friends and family to read your blog, if you want strangers to find your blog and thank you for it, and if you want the possibility of making money with your travel blog someday, this is how you want to go about starting it.

You’re ready. You’ve chosen a travel blog name, you have a few posts in mind, and you have some tantalizing travel plans on the horizon. Fantastic. Let’s put together your dream blog.

Quick Step 1: Hosting 

Hosting sounds scary, but it isn’t whatsoever! It’s just renting a little piece of the web for your site. So, which host should you choose?

I recommend research your niche first  for nearly everyone, new bloggers included. I use GoDaddy and namecheap for almost all of my sites because it offers quality hosting for a low price and I can always get through to them when something goes wrong. They give you your forwarding domain name for free, too!

start Get Started Now Free Training for starting a travel blog. 

Quick Step 2: Install WordPress

Looking back to  when I started my career in the blogging Business it took me many weeks to figure out how to build a website, there were no tools like WordPress Express and websites had to be developed by coding manually!

Installing word press has a different process for each hosting service example Go-daddy or Host gator. Most hosting services will have a panel like the following picture.

Click on the word Press Logo in your Hosting Service Panel and follow instructions.

For more information on how to set up a word press blog or web site follow these free instructions for starting a travel blog. 

Quick Step 3: Install Plugins

Think of WordPress as a blank canvas — plugins are add-ons that make your travel blog functional. The vast majority are free; some free plugins ask for donations. Some premium plugins charge.

In the right side bar, click on where it says “plugins” and select “add new” to search plugins by keyword.

Here are the plugins that I recommend for new travel bloggers (and all of them are free!):

Akismet — Keeps spam under control (and yes, you will get LOTS of spam otherwise!)

Comment Reply Notification — Notifies commenters when they have a new reply to their comment. (It’s a courtesy thing.)

Contact Form 7 — Allows you to install a simple contact form so people can email you through your site.

Facebook Social Widgets — See that little Facebook widget on my right sidebar? That! Makes it easy for people to become your fan on Facebook.

FD Feedburner Plugin — Manages your feed, your stream of new content.

Google XML Sitemaps — Makes it easy for search engines to find your content.

nRelate — Puts little images of related posts at the bottom of each post, showing people more content they might like.

Photo Dropper — Helps you add Creative Commons photos to your site the easy way and cites them legally. You should use your own pictures whenever possible, but this is good when you don’t have pictures from certain destinations.

Ultimate Google Analytics — Installs Google Analytics, the industry standard of measuring your site’s visitors and traffic.

WordPress SEO by Yoast — Helps you create content that shows up better in search engines.

WPTouch Mobile Plugin — Makes your site look nice and easy to read on mobile phones.

Step 4: Secure Social Media Handles

Grab your desired screenname on each of the big ones — TwitterFacebookInstagramPinterest, and yes, Google+. Try to keep your name the same across all domains, except for Google+, which uses your full name.

Keep in mind that Facebook will not let you create a custom URL until you have 25 fans.

Step 5: Start an Email List

Do you really need an email list? Ask any marketer or web guru — an email list is the single most valuable thing that your site can have. People are far more likely to see your content via email than they are by any other social network, and while social networks come and go, email addresses are here to stay.get_more_leads

My first big blogging mistake was notstarting an email list at first. When I finally did, I made my second big mistake — starting it on Mailchimp, a free provider. When it was time to switch to a premium service that gave me more options, I lost a huge portion of my email list in the process because you can’t just add all your names on a list — they need to confirm it yet again.

Step 6: Affiliate Marketing Travel for Blog Success

If you want to build the kind of travel blog that eventually earns money, Best Learn Affiliate Marketing. 

I didn’t want start affiliate marketing on my Blog at first. I didn’t think I needed it, and being a contrarian by nature, and the fact that so many top travel bloggers were making money blogging made me not want to join.

Starting a Blog with Wealthy Affiliate

Eventually, I became a member and I was blown away by how beneficial the content was. I had access to all the lessons, all the webinars and interviews, and best of all, a fantastic private Facebook group full of helpful bloggers who are always eager to talk about how they’re building their blogs and earning money. In short, this is the resource that will help you build the best blog you can — and get paid for it.

Now What? Starting a travel Blog Like a PRO and Be Patient

I always tell new bloggers to write at least four times a week to start. In your early days, blogging Daily is the best thing you can do — because you’ll develop your voice, you’ll see what resonates with readers, and you’ll gain a greater understanding of what your blog should be.

It will take a long time and a tremendous amount of work before you gain a valuable audience interested and authority in what you have to say on a regular basis. But once you do that, the perks in this field could be OUTSTANDING.

Get going Starting a travel blog

Building a travel blog can be time consuming and the research alone will take most of your time away form writing.I have found away to help you get started quickly and with expert advice and a community included.

Step by step instructions expert plugins and help !!!!


Good luck, you Super Cool travel blogger, you!


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