How to travel the world with almost no money

We all love free stuff and especially cheap or free holidays I am always entering holiday competitions thinking back I have entered hundreds and I am still waiting for my luck day winning that holiday in the sun.

Where to Stay – Discover amazing people, meet the locals see all the cool stuff why not get into coach surfing not really free as you have to join but cheaper than hotels or AIRBNB. Camping or meet up with the friends and hire a camper this I have tested in New Zealand and works really well even at the snow fields very cheap option and fun too.

What to eat – Dumpster diving “ha ha” no really great food all around the world you will need to look for work in restaurants and cafes bum of a friend for a free dinner you know that “oh I forgot my wallet trick” always works.

Where to Work and Working Ideas- Join the Military, Tour Guide, and fruit picking or you could be one of those loli pop people holding a stop sign around construction sites. Find a job that has extensive travel like a travel agent or flight attendant you could also get into hospitality and be a Barista / Bar person great opportunities in this industry. Teaching and teaching Language has always been a travelers favorite.

Travel and Transport Saving up and having a plan is critical for inexpensive travel many credit card programs have a free flight and or accommodation attached you can also start saving coupons and customer rewards points this is how my family and I book a $25k holiday for around $8k cost totally five stars with business class flights most of our trip was paid on frequent flyers points coupons and a lot of pre-planning negotiating while shopping around for the best deals.

If you have a friend or relative in the location try to get them to pick you up usually get a free dinner or lunch as well if you have nice friends and family that is.

Safety – Be careful and do your research

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